High School Football Recruiting – 5 Keys to Being Recruited For Football Scholarships

June 9, 2022 0 Comments

Are you a student-athlete looking to learn more about high school football recruiting? More importantly, are you looking learn how you can finally get noticed by college coaches, get recruited, and ultimately receive offers to play in college? If so, this article can help you get on the path to playing at the next level.

I probably don’t have to tell you that the competition to play at the college level is very intense. Each and every year, there are thousands of high school football players doing everything they can to make it to college football. The unfortunate facts concerning high school football recruiting is that only about 3% to 4% of all those athletes will get the opportunity to play in college. The majority, 96% or so, will see their football playing days end when their last high school game is over.

If you want to be among the 3% to 4% who does make it to the college level, there are a few things you must know about high school football recruiting that can give you a big advantage over the average player. Here are five keys that you should know:

1 – Coaches Don’t Care About YOU

I know it sounds harsh, but it’s true. When college coaches are looking for players to bring into their program the next year, they don’t really care about your dream of playing college football or even your goal of playing in their program. They are initially only concerned about filling the needs of their program. They won’t recruit you because you are a nice kid or you come from a great family, they will only become interested in you if they think you can help their program be successful.

2 – Size And Athleticism Are Key

In high school football recruiting, probably more than any other บาคาร่า sport, the size and athleticism of the player being evaluated for possible recruitment is key. Football is a physical sport. One of the first observations a coach will make about you is whether or not you have the size and athleticism to play at his level of competition. It doesn’t matter if the level is Division I or Junior College, you must have the required size and athleticism to play.

3 – The Right Talent And Skills

Once the coach determines that you do have the necessary size and athleticism to play at the level he coaches at, he will then start looking at your specific talents and skills. Of course, the specific talent and skills he will be looking for is different for each position that he needs to fill

4 – Mental Toughness

In high school football recruiting, coaches will only pursue players who have the mental toughness to play in college. Do you have the mental toughness to do the hard work required at the next level? Can you handle a coach holding you accountable every day and often getting in your face to make you better? Can you handle the increased level of competition you will face in college?

5 – Can You Stay Qualified To Play